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The online course that integrates aviation knowledge and immerses you into all that is relevant to flight, impacting future decisions in a positive way.

What is your goal?

Knowledge Base Academics is a collection of aviation knowledge, structured to immerse you in all that is relevant to flight. It helps you integrate knowledge like no aviation course has done it before.

Ingeniería de aviónica

Aerospace Company designing airplanes

It transfers valuable experience to keep you on the right line of thought when designing and testing airplanes.

Avión Piloto Retrato

Experienced Pilot

It provides a fun and novel review of all the matters relevant to flight with emphasis on safety.


Education Institution

It supports vocations in aviation, aerospace, science and flight.

Estudiantes universitarias

Student Pilot

It brings topics much needed to discuss, which is commonly missed in aviation training. 

Un joven científico mirando a través de un microscopio

STEM Organization

It leads a stimulating exploration of flight, airplanes, and the pilot profession. 

Why should you take this course?

Cover the main subjects relevant to flight, allowing yourself to review what is important to a pilot, where details can make the difference between life and death.

Unfold the principles upon which flight is based.

Review airspace and aviation regulations affecting the United States.

Know why you do what you do when operating aircraft systems.

Discuss with your subject matter expert. Your instructor is also your mentor, coach and peer, looking forward to engage in technical discussions with you.

Adopt a multidisciplinary perspective that is wide, deep, yet practical. "The pilot view at 10,000 feet" : able to see connectivity and able to see details.

Recognize elements of planning a flight, managing performance and route progress.

Adopt good habits to operate and fly airplanes.

Identify situations that compromise flight safety and gain tools to manage risk.

Make better decisions designing, testing, and flying airplanes.

Learn methods for flying in weather.

This Course was crafted with vocation. By learning through ORKA you support high quality training and the artistry of flight.



Each class is about 1 hour long. We recommend you pause the video to think, make notes, look up your references, rewind, or do anything that will help you digest the content, like writing to your instructor.

The course contains math to help you understand the relationships among elements. Reading formulas is not a requirement to be a great pilot. If you feel intimidated by the math, make yourself at ease and keep listening. 

Learning Experience

This course is produced with professional audio and video, it includes embedded videos, aviation photography, soothing graphics, and curated slides to support education goals while delivering a realistic experience. Learning won't stop on the screen. You get personal live interactions with your instructor to help you achieve your goal.


7 hrs of flight training online

Lifetime access. Stay tuned for future editions.

Live Coaching

We want you to take away what you need from this course. Live coaching before and after the course has the intent to give you direction.


You have a mentor! Seek mastery and bring those questions.

My First Pilot Training
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What our students think

"Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you, or what it's like to use your products and services."

Robert Rose, Product Designer

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